Downtown Long Beach

Right on the edge of the sandy and expansive shores of the Pacific, Downtown Long Beach is a playground for the relaxing beach goer, the active ocean sports enthusiast, and cosmopolitan city dweller. It’s host to a thriving arts culture with museums, theatres, and music festivals. Long Beach is a mingling of suburban charm with Los Angeles taste and a beach town vibe. For a taste of history, Long Beach boasts several historic districts with homes over a century old.

Belmont Shore

Just west of Belmont Park and overlooking the Pacific Ocean is this tight knit community featuring Spanish-style homes from the 1920’s and 1930’s. In 1929 the Leeway Sailing and Aquatics Center opened here and claims to be one of the premiere instructional sailing programs in the country. It also boasts an impressive amount of shopping, dining, and salons.



Bixby Knolls

This small upscale community has a Long Beach charm with exclusivity. This affluent area features many custom-built homes that were built between 1920 and 1940, lending to its historic atmosphere. Bixby Knolls also hosts reputable schools including Longfellow Elementary -- recognized as a California Distinguished School.

Belmont Heights

Hugged by the Pacific Ocean and Belmont Shores, Belmont Heights is a quaint homage to the golden age of Los Angeles. Its famous Eliot Lane preserves the charm and history of bygone years with Craftsman Bungalows dating back to as early as 1905. Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier is a landmark dedicated to the men and women of the armed forces and provides a calm escape for fishing and strolling.


California Heights

Though it’s small in size, California Heights is considered the largest historic district in Long Beach. Established in 1924, it has since become a rapidly growing neighborhood for families. Recently it won Neighborhood of the Year and Best Physical Revitalization Award at the Neighborhoods USA Convention.

Naples/ Naples Peninsula

Because it’s built on three islands, Naples provides a more luxurious and exclusive lifestyle. It overlooks the boats calmly swaying in the marina along the Alamitos Bay and provides a hotspot for kayaking, paddleboarding and hydrobiking. Due to its particular location along the shore, its beaches are known for calmer waves than other parts of Long Beach.


virginia country club

This quiet and family oriented neighborhood is near CSU Long Beach and in close proximity to major freeways that link anywhere to Southern California — including Long Beach airport. An outdoor suburban oasis, Los Altos is a community is ripe for families brimming with energy. It provides easy access for bike riding, jogging and strolling down the sunny, tree-lined boulevards.

Los Angeles

From star-studded Beverly Hills to the eclectic boardwalk of Venice, Los Angeles is a thriving city whose wide boulevards and oceanfront boardwalks are abuzz with an eclectic mingling of cultures, persuasions, and tastes. The Palm trees reach dizzying heights along the streets and seemingly reflect similar notions of glimmer of its residence: a desire to be closer to the stars. You can experience a different world within each neighborhood, and a different culture at the turn of a corner. Arts districts, downtowns, fast cars, and slow waves all beating to the same pulse. LA is a city like no other, and world unto itself.